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Hadoop came out six years ago enterprise-ready
featured in Silicon Angle

Being the first company to architect their entire suite of software solutions on the Hadoop platform, Tresata is, it is safe to say, fully committed to the technology. Abhi Mehta, the CEO of Tresata, has witnessed the #HadoopSummit grow in popularity and attendance over the many years he has been coming. And he sees that steady drumbeat for the technology as a very good sign.
“It is refreshing, in a positive light, that the journey we started together in forecasting the future of data, not the future of technology, but the future of data and how it empowers enterprises to re-do business models is well underway,” Mehta noted. Continuing he said, “We are finding practitioners finding incredibly relevant and transformative business value by taking data, not just from one source or two sources, but multiple sources, combining it into data assets and solving problems that literally could not be solved before.”

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tresata open sources spark columnar
by Koert Kuipers, Tresata CTO

Spark Columnar is a proof of concept project that uses Shapeless to optimize the in-memory data layout for RDDs in Spark. The basic idea is that a user-facing RDD of tuples and/or case classes is backed by another RDD in…

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