Our Mission

We believe in a world where giving customers what they want, keeping them safe, protecting what’s priceless and enriching their lives is what businesses live for. Tresata’s mission has always been centered around a belief that if all decisions ever made were in the best interest of the general population, the world would generally be a better place.


Hackathon CLT

For the World

User Group

Open Source

World Intelligence Forum


The World Intelligence Forum is an intimate gathering of executives and world-class thought leaders who are at the forefront of leading the world into a data-powered revolution. The inaugural forum was hosted in New York City in Fall 2014.

Advisory Board

We know almost everybody says it, but we truly have awesome investors. For one, we believe that ‘revenue’ is the best ‘capital’. We have been incredibly lucky to have clients who have ‘invested’ in us since the very beginning and are not just challenging status quo with their bold thinking but have entrusted to us that responsibility: to deliver analytics to power their next-generation enterprise. You are the very best!


We partner with all the necessary and relevant partners in the big data & Hadoop ecosystems, and they all continue to have a deep impact on what we do.

Our Roots

We set out to build an enterprise intelligence company, one where technology was merely a tool and information the key. Where tools are free and information invaluable. Where free is built by many and value from it delivered by some. One never built before.

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