We wouldn’t have been able to build what we have without the early (real early) belief Richie Prager, Lowell Bryan, Mayank Bawa, Graham Weston, Mark Connolly and Tarek Mahmoud had in us… and our bold vision. Each of them are incredibly successful stalwarts in their respective fields of work as they shape the future of business and technology… And help us become the company we want to be.

When you become the yardstick for what big data analytics companies need to look like, what helps you ‘make it happen’ are partners and advisors who not just realize the potential of what can be achieved when they work with you but also take a deep interest in your success, as it helps in strengthening an emerging technology eco-system.

We are also sincerely appreciative of our advisors – Richard Dresden (for shaping our as-a-service sales strategies), Ken Rudin (for always being there for our zaniest questions) friends at O’Reilly & Silicon Angle (for giving voice to our (always) audacious and (sometimes) prescient ambitions), Christian Chabot & Jim Whitehurst, two of the smartest technology executives in the world (for their consistent support, encouragement & reminder that building a company takes lots of sweat, tears and bollocks). Thank you for helping us a build Tresata into a company with an ethos and moral compass we will always live by.

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