We have built a company that doesn’t fit the enterprise software mold created in the 1950’s. Tresata is a company where our software is helping businesses realize that their competitive advantage is data not the tech that manages it. We’re a company where knowledge about data, business and technology are leveraged in equal measure to build software. We are a company that celebrates when our customers achieve a return on their investment in our software in days and doesn’t fret what was ‘left on the table’. Tresata is a company that bet early and bet big that Hadoop is going to ‘shape-shift’ enterprise IT and we have proven it right.

Why? When you work with us, you very quickly realize that everything with us has a story, a deeper almost ethereal one, in a ‘meant to be’ sort of way.

Let’s take the name Tresata derived from sanskrit signifying one of the most powerful numbers… That’s just the start. There’s also our:

approach to privacy

An obsession that makes us code name every data asset from every client after a cast member in Lord of the Rings

passion for talent

No one but us is building an enterprise software company with a collection of talent the likes of which has never been seen before in an enterprise software company

boldness of vision

We never fit and will never fit the data analytics value chain in enterprise software as we know it today. And while everyone around us struggled with it, we knew that our vision of what it should be was so disruptive, out-of-any-box, revolutionary and totally right, it was why we started a company in the first place.

humility of spirit

We are here to serve the better interests of society at large, and nothing we do will ever… ever… be more important

penchant for risk

We make big bets, bold bets and long bets. And more often than not, we get it right. So as a customer you don’t have to undergo the pain yourself

That is our story and yes, like every storybook cliché, this is (still) just the beginning.

Who We Are

Koert Kuipers

Chief Tech

From picking the best open source analytics stack, the best open source developers and the best open source innovations…to leading a software development team that more often than not is the first to venture in building software applications on those ‘best-of’ technologies, Koert is a master software developer.

His entire working life, Koert has tinkered with building software applications that specifically tackle data to address key enterprise functions (trading, pricing, risk management at hedge funds and insurance companies) with technologies early in their maturity (first Cassandra based trading app in 2007, Hadoop data platforms in 2008). What keeps him out of trouble is his brutal honesty, a love for stroopwafelsand an almost insatiable appetite to learn how to make stuff work.

Richard Morris

Chief Data, Founder

We find the word ‘data’ in ‘big data’ to be the more interesting of the two…and there is no one better in the industry than Richard to make sense of it…especially with tons of it around. Richard is the driving force to rapidly tangle and untangle massive amounts of data that we use to architect our software and build the incredibly powerful algorithms.

Combined with his deep knowledge of all data financial, expertise in industry issues and a rich affinity to play with ever newer and larger data sets, Richard guides the selection of data sets that, when fused with our software, deliver insights the world finds groundbreaking. Over 2 decades, Richard has used his data dexterity to craft business strategies that drive growth and enable fact-based decision making (Bank of America, Marakon). At Tresata, he combines that data driven philosophy with a renewed love for technology to constantly challenge the limitations current analytics applications exhibit.

Abhishek Mehta

Chief Executive, Founder

When the world says big data will change everything we know about business … that vision and ambition … and all necessary pieces that need to be assembled for it to be realized and delivered … defines what Abhishek does … Tresata is the embodiment of that drive and vision, a bold attempt to transform the socio-economic models as they exist…by accentuating what’s good and fixing what’s not

a rich combination of stints as a visionary technology expert and a practical, in-the-trenches business leader …prior to Tresata, Abhi consistently applied his business, sales and technology expertise to bring to market new products and services across a range of industries globally (Bank of America, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Arthur Andersen) . He is widely recognized as having created the first big data analytics capability in banking, commercialized one of the first Hadoop installations outside the web, and introduced the “data will drive the next industrial revolution” meme.

At Tresata, Abhi has been key in defining the technology vision, market dynamics, sales approach and product roadmap and is a much sought after thought leader and speaker in the big data industry.

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