We started with an incredible, audacious and challenging goal: Can we architect a platform so intelligent that not only does it understand each and every person, organization, place and thing as their own unique ‘entity’ but also uses that intelligence to build products and services that are truly needed by each? And nothing else.

We gave this our rallying cry: customer advocacy. That’s our mission—to engineer a system so brilliant in design, architecture and intelligence that what it generates will enable every company, institution and business to become customer advocates. We believe in a world where giving customers what they want, keeping them safe, protecting what’s priceless and enriching their lives is what businesses live for. And with the right tools, they will do all they can to fulfill it at the best price, in the shortest time and with the highest quality… always. No matter how big the data, how complex the problem and how large the customer base.

We believe in that world and we believe we are the intelligence making it happen.

That’s our karma.

About Tresata

Tresata provides the leading software platform for real-time Customer Intelligence Management. Tresata Software enables businesses to monetize customer data by collecting, curating, computing and converting it to unmatched customer intelligence across all existing and growing data assets and at a unique segment of one. Tresata is the world’s first end-to-end real-time CIM software platform that completely runs in Hadoop and delivers actionable insight at scale, with speed and unmatched fidelity. Tresata products offer automated solutions for Identity Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, Risk Intelligence and Fraud Intelligence.


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