VISION: Charlotte’s Web

It is hard to write about things where you risk emotions getting the better of your words.  It is harder yet to stay quiet. One rarely hopes to encounter numbing stupidity in life, as those encounters leave you drained.  The entire HB2 drama currently going on in North Carolina, specific to something bold the city […]

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VISION: It’s Hard Not to Be Romantic About Basketball

Imagination has a great deal to do with winning. – Mike Krzyzewski While I realize that it may be sacrilege to quote Coach K while I write this from the city of Charlotte, I have been taught that wisdom has no boundaries.  Just like winning… I also offer to do another sacrilegious thing and edit […]

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TECH: Spark’ing an Anti Money Laundering Revolution

Tresata and Databricks announced a real-time, Spark and Hadoop-powered Anti-Money Laundering solution earlier today. Tresata’s predictive analytics application TEAK, offers for the first time in the market an at-scale, real-time AML investigation and resolution engine. The performance, speed, predictive power and precision TEAK delivers would not have been possible without its Spark underpinnings. Additionally, by […]

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TECH: building a ‘full stack’ analytics applications software company in hadoop

In 2011 when we launched Tresata, it was centered around a massive bet – that Hadoop will become the ‘de-rigueur’ data processing and analytics stack in the world. Three and a half years later, that bet may seem prescient to some, but is simply a huge confirmation of our beliefs. Not only have we managed […]

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VISION: where are the big data apps you ask…here’s a MEGA one – corporate payments & supply chain analytics

This is part 1 of a series of posts we promise will offer some tangible examples of how big data is truly shifting and transforming business models…so here we go… Payments is one of the biggest industries in the world – measured both in terms of revenues (>$900B) and/ or profits (~>$200B). Not only is it the […]

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VISION: consuming big data – lots of algos…side of fries…one summer internship

My summer internship with Tresata began on Memorial Day when I met Davis Dulin at the Smelly Cat Café. There, Davis introduced me to some of the software I would be working with that summer, including the underlying technologies – Linux and Scala. It was certainly a little frightening at first. I had never worked […]

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Tresata’s Big Data Analytics Software Powers L2C Inc.’s Alternative Consumer Credit Scores

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VISION: big data in banking will define its future…

everytime i hear the words big data from a banker, they are usually followed by a rapid fluttering of the eyelids and a dilation of pupils typically reserved for foreign particles uncomfortably lodged in the cavities essential to our functioning… given how often it happens, i am no longer surprised, shocked or struck by its […]

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TECH: announcing our 1st open source project – ganitha

this will probably rank amongst the proudest of our achievements when we look back on the path to making tresata into the company we believe will lead and define what next-gen analytics software should do… so without much ado, we are announcing the first open source algorithm library built completely on scalding…and designed to work with/in mahout & […]

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Press Release: Harris Teeter Chooses Big Data Software Provider, Tresata, to Enhance e-VIC, ht mobile, Facebook Platforms

Harris Teeter announced earlier today that it has reached an agreement with Tresata to provide the company with next generation predictive analytics software which will improve the way Harris Teeter serves its customers through improved functionality of its mobile application (htmobile), its e-VIC program as well as the newly launched Facebook application by enhancing the user experience.

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