Tresata and AVAC Announce Strategic Partnership to launch Advanced Analytics Applications

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VISION: beautiful data (and a picture) is worth a thousand words

we have had a lot of our friends, colleagues and clients in the industry ask us about the magnificent images on our website…and if they mean anything… at this point, they know us well…and as most of them would have already guessed…not only are all images thematic…each of them signify something inherently mathematical, algorithmic and […]

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LIVE: Tresata’s (website) Relaunch + Future of Hadoop Applications

Big data as a service analytics company Tresata recently announced their strategy, branding and application suite with a re-launched website. Joining us now to give us an insider’s explanation of the new site is friend to the program and Tresata founder Abhishek Mehta.

See live feed below or visit to watch on-demand.

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Omnichannel promises to transform Marketing

… the founder of Tresata, explained how his startup’s Big Data suite will help enterprises make omni-channel commerce a reality…omni-channel describes the notion of “looking at all possible avenues to reach your customers, whether it’s a brick and mortar store, whether it’s an e-commerce site, a mobile channel, [or] social platforms.”

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VISION: starting a career as a ‘data scientist’

a couple weeks after starting at tresata, i went to grab some coffee with one of my co-workers, Jack. while we were waiting in line at Starbucks, he asked me “in what ways could Starbucks benefit from knowing how much a customer paid as a function of how long they stayed there?” my first impression […]

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tresata CEO and Founder On Revolutionizing the Information Arms Race #HadoopSummit

In theCUBE’s ongoing coverage of Hadoop Summit 2013, John Furrier and Dave Vellante spoke with CEO and Founder of Tresata, Abhishek Mehta. The three discuss Tresata business strategy, new trends in big data analytics and growing opportunities for emerging businesses with a stake in the “information arms race” among Amazon, Facebook and Google.

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VISION: tresata – by the ‘numb3r’

our life is increasingly run by the numbers around us…and i am not going to elaborate why…enough tomes have been written about it at this point what I did want to share is how much of an inspiration ‘numerical values described in digits’ were in the naming of our company. tresata (pronounced tree-say-ta), as a […]

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Charlotte, Future Capital Of Big Data?

…Abhishek Mehta is a good example. He used to run Bank of America’s analytics department, and then he left to found a start-up, called Tresata. It sells Big Data software to the finance and retail industries—it’s what Harris Teeter uses to power that Facebook app. Mehta says Charlotte is a long way from competing with traditional tech powerhouses like Silicon Valley, but has some advantages….

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tresata and Harris Teeter to host Hackathon 2013

What do you get when you put 200 geeks, a big data company and a grocer in the same room?
Innovative solutions to big-data challenges facing business. Or at least that’s what organizers of Hackathon 2013 are hoping for.

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tresata Chief Scientist to Lead Effort to Create Ph.D. in Data Science

The term “data scientist” has become popular since the term first appeared at around 2009. But while the term has been applied to numerous people, exactly what a data scientist is is still unclear, Big Data visionary and Tresata founder and CEO Abhi Mehta said in an interview in The Cube from the Strata + Hadoop World 2012 conference in late October. And no actual degree in data science exists today. Tresata, he said, plans to help fill this gap with an effort led by its new Chief Scientist, Ph.D. Roy Lowrance, to create the first advanced degree program in data science this summer, offering both master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

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