tresata Beta Testing Customer Intent Service

Big Data startup Tresata is doing a private beta test of a new analytics service designed to determine customer intent so that companies can design products and services based on what customers really want rather than on guesswork. Big Data futurist and Tresata Founder and Tresata CEO Abhi Mehta revealed the test of the revolutionary service, that allows companies to combine SKU data on their products and services with social media data from Facebook, publicly for the first time in an interview with Wikibon’s David Vellante and SiliconAngle’s John Furrier in the Cube at Strata + Hadoop World 2012 on October 25.

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tresata Offers Big Data For Financial Firms To Act On

Tresata, a software company focused on big data in financial services, plans to deliver actionable insights from Big Data technologies, like Hadoop, which have become available only in the last couple of years.

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Connected Consumer and the Future of Financial Services

A technological revolution is transforming the financial services industry by empowering consumers to connect with financial institutions and with each other in new ways. This report from The Leading Edge Forum, identifies four major technological drivers of change: the rapid uptake of mobile devices, the growth of microfinance, the widespread adoption of new media, and the opportunities from mining both structured and unstructured data.

Tresata was featured in the Mining section of the report, where we first unveiled our ‘advocate consumer needs’ mission.

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Thinking Big About Big Data

There are, without question, a number of technical challenges and cultural implications associated with the Era of Big Data than can and must be addressed by the industry at large. It’s also important to identify the most practical uses cases that enterprises can tackle today with new Big Data tools and techniques, such as ad recommendation and fraud detection, to promote widespread adoption.

But let’s not forget to Think Big about Big Data too.

By Think Big, I mean each of us in this industry should dedicate time each day (or week or month) to, for lack of a better term, daydream about the possibilities of Big Data. Or, as my friend and Big Data pioneer Abhi Mehta of Tresata put it to me recently, the question to ask yourself is:

“With unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and unlimited processing, what problems can I solve?”

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Tresata wins Emerging Tech Company of the Year Award

Five Charlotte-area operations were among those honored Thursday night in the North Carolina Technology Association’s annual 21 Awards…Tresata, a local startup that creates on-site and cloud computing software that helps banks search and analyze data, was recognized as the top emerging technology company.

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Hadoop is Ready for Enterprise Says Creator Doug Cutting and Former Bank of America Data Scientist Abhi Mehta

Mehta returned to theCube at HadoopWorld 2011, where he talked to hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante about Apache Hadoop in finance and the enterprise. Mehta was joined by Hadoop creator Doug Cutting, who added further details about the Hadoop ecosystem.

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tresata Goes Deep on Big Data for Banking

It’s a question that all new software vendors face: Should we deliver a horizontal, customizable platform that appeals to multiple industries or specialize in a single vertical with a highly-specialized software suite and do it better than anybody else?

Tresata has decided to go with the latter option. As I describe in detail in a previous post, the North Carolina-based start-up has developed a Big Data-as-a-Service offering to deliver consumable insights to their clients (namely banks, financial data companies other financial services companies) via a cloud-based platform.

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Bankers Go Bonkers Over Big Data’s Future

With quadrillions of dollars on the line, banks and financial institutions pay close attention to the emerging exaflood of available data about their customers and the world around them. Here at the O’Reilly Strata conference on big data, the panel on big data in the banking world was fascinating. It’s likely an indication of the way the rest of the world is likely to move in the near future – at least if you believe the predictions of the people on the panel.

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Tech startup sets big ambitions in financial sector

Abhishek Mehta and Richard Morris believe the startup they founded in South End will one day become “the Google of financial data.”
For now, it has just eight employees and a dozen computers in a one-room office in an old mill. But don’t be fooled by the humble start. Tresata is a company with some big brains and real innovation at its core.

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Tresata aims to automate the big data pipeline

Abhi Mehta thinks the world is on the verge of a second industrial revolution. But this time, the raw materials aren’t steel and iron but data and information.

Mehta is the founder of Tresata, a start-up that applies the assembly line model of the early 20th century to the huge volumes of data being created both inside the enterprise and in the cloud here in the 21st century. The goal is to create “data factories” that will help supply organizations with timely, accurate data that can be used to solve pressing business problems.

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