TECH: Ganitha – Naive-Bayes Classifiers

by Andy Perez, Tresata Senior Developer This post discusses the implementation of Naive-Bayes classification in Ganitha, Tresata’s open-source machine-learning library built on Scalding. A Naive-Bayes classifier is a probabilistic classifier used in machine-learning that involves the application of Bayes’ theorem. The underlying model is “naive” because of the assumption that the attributes are conditionally independent of […]

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TECH: ganitha – K-means|| clustering

This is the third post in the series of posts introducing our open source project Ganitha. Posts by Abhi and Koert previously have shared with you why we are doing this, and how we structured it. This post discusses the implementations of K-Means in Ganitha, a scalding library recently open-sourced by Tresata. We’ll discuss the […]

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TECH: ganitha – open source scalding powered machine learning

as mentioned by abhi in his previous post, ganitha is the first open source implementation of machine learning and statistical techniques on scalding. scalding is the core API that we use for all our software at tresata and we have quite successfully implemented machine learning algorithms in the same framework.  as most of you will […]

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