RESEARCH: Does the Glass Slipper Still Fit?

I have two words for you — Middle Tennessee. While, like you, I sat staring in disbelief at the TV and realizing serious damage had just been done to my bracket, I was more excited than upset. Middle Tennessee, SFA, Northern Iowa, Little Rock — these are the teams who everyone bets against, and yet, […]

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RESEARCH: Method to the Madness of March

Tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for. Tulsa is currently tied with Michigan with 17:00 remaining to play. I have no dog in this fight (nor does my mother, the President at Davidson), and yet here we are screaming at the TV arguing about these teams, their conferences, and the NCAA in general. I am […]

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RESEARCH: Glass Slippers – 9 quintillion possible outcomes, 1 perfect bracket

THE SECRET TO ANY WINNING BRACKET, AS WE ALL KNOW, IS 99% DATA ANALYSIS, AND 1% LADY LUCK! Okay, we might have that slightly twisted (maybe 2% Lady Luck)…but while we do not control when the curvy lady may sing, what we can do (with great success) is use data to better understand the so-called unearthly […]

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