Concurrent rounds out data-driven app dev framework with performance management tool

The rapid growth in unstructured information is transforming the entire enterprise IT stack, from the underlying infrastructure to the business software end users depend on to be productive. But while the journey to re-architect the data center is well under way, with the Hadoop distribution race already in full swing, the industry is only now beginning to deliver on the potential of Big Data applications, which Tresata CEO Abhi Mehta considers the next frontier of analytics.

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Charlotte startups to watch in 2014

Take a look at some of the promising entrepreneurs and early-stage companies that could make big strides in 2014. Tresata Everyone’s talking about Big Data. Tresata is doing something with it. The company, founded by banking veterans Abhi Mehta and Richard Morris, builds hadoop-powered software for organizations to utilize in understanding their data. Tresata is already working with […]

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Davidson College’s Entrepreneurship Initiative [video]

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Initiative fosters a dynamic community with the aspirations and capacities to address challenging problems with innovative ideas and resources and structure to support students and young alumni in the conceiving, planning, launching, and growing of sustainable ventures.

Davidson College to cultivate creativity, courage, resilience, and analytical acuity, while testing strategies and ideas in iterative ways—adapting as we go.

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VISION: new york, boston, atlanta – tresata fall speaking engagements

we’re excited to be participating in some upcoming events…we love these as we get to share our passion for all things big data…and hearing live feedback which is typically pretty roaring!! tweet us  @tresata if you’ll be at any of these too! september 11, 2013 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm, new york city beyond the buzzword: […]

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VISION: “i see big data”…and the art of visualizing complex algorithms

I am a senior at Davidson College in North Carolina and while college experiences go by fast, nothing compares to how fast this summer went by! I spent the majority of it interning at Tresata in Charlotte, working as a front-end developer (and of course playing some golf!). At the start of the internship, I […]

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VISION: Dojo Friday. We’re Hiring!

What is Dojo Friday? Glad you asked. It’s where we open our office doors this Friday, 9/13/13 (yes that’s Friday the 13th, but don’t be scared), and welcome any and all Dojo developer superstars into our new location at Packard Place for a walk-in interview to join our Charlotte team. Not only is this a […]

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Tresata Open Sources “Ganitha” Machine Data Analysis Library

Big Data startup Tresata has released a set of algorithms that simplify machine learning and statistical analysis in large-scale Hadoop environments. Named “ganitha” after the Sanskrit word for mathematics, the library is built on the Scalding API for Apache Cascading, a Java-based data-driven development framework.

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If you like machine learning, Scala and Hadoop, Tresata has a treat for you

Hadoop-based analytics startup Tresata last week open sourced a set of machine learning libraries built on Scalding and designed to run in Hadoop and make use of the Apache Mahout project. Tresata is calling the project Ganita, and has also written a couple of explanatory blog posts about it, including how to do k-means clustering. The barriers to doing good work on big data just keep getting lower.

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Tresata Launches Open Source Algorithm Library for Mahout & Hadoop

Hadoop software vendor, Tresata, announced this week that they have developed the first open source algorithm library built completely on scalding, designed to work within/in Mahout & Hadoop. Scalding, a Scala library, wicks away low-level Hadoop complexities, aiming to make it easier for developers to specify Hadoop MapReduce jobs. The library is used as the core API for all of Tresata’s Hadoop-focused software.

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Analysts’ Corner Announces New Research Report discussing Harris Teeter Supermarkets Inc. Deal with Tresata

NEW YORK, August 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

Today, Analysts’ Corner announced new research reports highlighting Harris Teeter Supermarkets Inc. (NYSE: HTSI) deal with Tresata.

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