Life at Tresata

  • <strong>Jainin Shah</strong>: Tresata has taught me to wear many hats. There’s never a dull moment and there’s plenty to learn.
  • <strong>Stefanie Mahaboob</strong>: At Tresata I get to work on cutting edge technology with a team of driven individuals who excel in their fields. I learn new things every day!
  • <strong>Eileen Klaiklung</strong>: I am constantly learning and growing at my job. I don’t feel static and that’s important to me. I feel like I’m witnessing something incredible and have an impact in that.
  • <strong>Brittany Box</strong>: Tresata is unlike any company in the World. I have the opportunity to work with brilliant individuals from all over the world, with unique, interesting perspectives and blended backgrounds of expertise, to build something brand new. Aside from the people, the incredibly cool thing about Tresata is the amount of impact each team member has. You can truly be an entrepreneur in your individual area.
  • <strong>Kirsten Chiu</strong>: The opportunity to work and grow with an awesome team of caring people is what makes Tresata unique!
  • <strong>Alex Feliciano</strong>: My favorite part about Tresata is the culture. It's so unique and fresh because no two days are alike. Every day there is a new challenge to face or a new problem to solve, which makes for a pretty exciting workplace. On top of that, I get to be surrounded by some of the most brilliant people I've ever met, work with cutting edge technology, and witness the impact my work has out in the world each and every day.
  • <strong>Jayesh Mori</strong>: We have an awesome team, freedom, top notch technology and unlimited challenges. There is nothing else like it.

Getting Hired

So you want to work at Tresata? Awesome. If you’re a work-hard-play-hard, pull-out-all-the-stops, self-motivated team player with an eye for excellence, a love for Hadoop, and at least moderate ping pong skills, we’re probably looking for you, too. We take pride in our team and honor the effort it takes to expand it. Here’s a look at our tried-and-true hiring process and how you’ll get from there to here:

Phone Screening

Applied Skills Test

On-site Interview

Tech | Fit | Role

Final Decision


We believe in a hands on, collaborative approach to learning, which is why we make our interns an integral part of the team. After an intensive training, you’ll own your own projects, work side by side with your mentors and make a lasting impact on the company and your career.

“I really couldn’t have asked for a better place to work or a more welcoming group for my first internship. Working at tresata has given me invaluable experience and guidance that will undoubtedly be pivotal in all my future endeavors.”

Tresata Intern Summer 2014


We’re bringing together the brightest minds in big data to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

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