Data is the new ASSET, Tresata OPTIMUS its OPERATING SYSTEM



Moved messy data into Hadoop but can’t find the guts of its true value?

TREK rapidly profiles and inventories as-is data stored in Hadoop across all rows and columns to create an informed view of all valuable enterprise data feeds stored in HDFS. With TREK you’ll measure input data against a rigorous Data Quality Benchmark and build a robust Data Dictionary even without any existing data ontologies.



Mass segmentation is dead. Clearly see your customers with the first software product ever to create a total view of customer in Hadoop. In its 4th generation, TREE features an incredibly powerful entity resolution algorithm that creates the only true total view of customer at a segment of one.

TREE features industry-leading data configuration, curation and resolution algorithms that when pre-loaded with Tresata’s proprietary DataIndex, automatically output incredibly accurate and resolved customer hierarchies across consumer, corporate, product and asset data classes.

TREE has become a pre-requisite must-have big data capability for any company that wishes to monetize their ever-expanding data assets, especially as they pour it all into Hadoop. TREE has been extensively tested on consumer, corporate, real estate, and product records to process and curate all data in Hadoop across multiple internal and external sources and resolve entities to a segment of one. With TREE, enterprises align the entire data universe it runs on to correctly identified, matched and resolved segments of 1, the foundational enabler to monetize Big Data™.



Explore unseen connections, uncovering intelligence that might be the missing link to the bigger story behind your data. ORION is a relationship discovery, traversal and querying engine that has the ability to mine, represent and algorithmically process any network dynamic in real time.

ORION provides the one intelligence discovery application every data scientist is currently dreaming about. And when fed with data that holds connections between unique entities, it comes into its own as a business.

There isn’t a data problem that can’t benefit from taking an ‘out-of-the-box’ (literally) perspective driven by relationships between people, places and things and their inherent but otherwise unseen interconnections. When done at scale, across the population and in real time, it is revolutionary. That is ORION.



In an ‘always on’ world, the end goal of monetizing customer intelligence is held hostage by unreliable ‘sometimes on’ back, middle and front office systems. Tresata engineered the solution with a Hadoop-powered real-time read efficient data delivery system.

PUMPD serves as the perfect System of Record and delivers, feeds and automates the intelligence discovery and delivery process across all customer channels—social, mobile, cloud and earth. We also bundled it with powerful pre-packaged ‘storage schemes’ that can be driven by people, organizations, products or objects and both a JAVA and REST API for seamless integration.

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