More than any other industry, Financial Services stands to benefit the most from Big Data and all relevant technological advances. This is not a surprise, as banks, asset managers, investment firms, and fintech companies have always been the benchmark for new approaches that transform business, making early, fast and big investments.

Tresata delivers the promise of Big Data to Money Industries around the world with a successful three-pronged approach to the problem that leverages our deep domain knowledge, incredible technology leadership and breakthrough data science.

Tresata’s software has already processed more than 1 trillion rows of data across 1 billion consumers, 100 million small businesses and 1 million corporations. We have successfully automated complex business processes (from entity resolution to anti-money laundering), introduced the revolutionary ‘segment of one’ customer analytics capability and trained machines to understand customer behavior to help create new revenue streams and meet increasingly complex regulatory standards.

“Tresata’s software leverages advanced machine learning algorithms that automate complex business processes essential to running large financial institutions ”

Global Head of Analytics & Data Operations, Top 5 Global Bank

When Your Biggest Asset is Data

Tresata provides the Financial Services industry’s leading predictive intelligence platform for monetizing big data. Our software enables Financial Institutions to automate the delivery of intelligence across the entire analytics lifecycle – collect, curate, compute and convert. This capability finally allows all Financial Institutions to generate & deploy their most valuable asset – a Data Asset.

Large Financial Institutions have between 50-100 PBs of data. However, less than 10% of this data is readily accessible and less than 1% is actually used for any analytics. To compound the challenge, while data and processing power double every 18 months and storage and processing costs fall in half every 18 months, Banks are still expected to spend more on technology in 2020 than in 2012. Tresata has the answer that breaks this logjam.

Building a Monetizable Data Asset

It does not take a ‘rocket scientist’ (data scientists have become our generation’s rocket scientists) to figure our that without new approaches, scalable technology and advanced science, the Money Industry will bear the brunt of a massive disruption.

With OPTIMUS, the only advanced analytics operating system that runs entirely in Hadoop, we have automated the process of creating Data Assets from our clients’ vast troves of existing and growing data across all customers, geographies, markets and products. In fact, building Data Assets will become one of the most important and enduring competitive advantages in the Digital Age.

Tresata’s customers have leveraged their Data Assets to implement a new class of Customer Intelligence Management use cases, including:

  • Payments Flow Analysis: recommend cross-merchant customer marketing opportunities
  • Trade Flow Analysis: analyze global trade & treasury services data for client opportunities
  • AML: investigate and eliminate fraudulent money laundering transactions in real-time
  • Customer Intelligence / KYC: create and feed unique segment of one customer data across all channels
  • Automated Risk Scoring: generate real-time product pricing decisions based on customer behaviors
  • Regulatory Reporting: automate reporting and analytics with audit and Basel 239 compliance

Managing Bank Enterprise Data in a Big Data World

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