Know Your Customer

Identify and target your customer across all categories of product, channel & financial data, including all types of unstructured service, social and geospatial data

Client Profitability

Build a scaled customer profitability model at a segment of one

CRM Enrichment

Feed any existing CRM platform the most current and holistic customer information to enrich the sales process

Regulatory Reporting

Fulfill all government-mandated customer record reporting procedures from one central place

Privacy & Security

Once you know where your customer data is, use the map to secure it, at rest and in transit

Next Best Product

Pre-fill customer baskets with products that they are most likely to choose based on behavioral predictions

Omnichannel Pricing & Promotions

Personalize product, pricing, delivery, and promotions based on users’ unique financial, social, product and service data


Recency, frequency and monetary analysis for analyzing customer value

Payment Flow Analysis

Identify cross-merchant customer recommendations

Trade Flow Analysis

Identify, visualize and monetize supply chain data inherent in a Banks Payments Business


Systemic automated anti-money laundering throughput

Asset Management

Pricing traded assets by linking them to underlying individual consumer liabilities at a segment of one

Basel 239

Data quality, consistency and completeness reporting per Basel III guidelines

Risk-Based Pricing

Feeding better data to LGD & PD calculations to price risk products

Identity Fraud Prevention

Real-time automatic strategic defaulter prevention

Automated Risk Scoring & Decision-Making

Real-time product pricing decisions based on evolving behavior patterns

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