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tree tree

an incredibly smart Data Fusion Engine, TREE was architected to be one of the most powerful ingestion, processing and resolution engines on the planet…and to make it so, we invested not just 2 years of hard work, research and development at Tresata, but also brought to bear real data to tune it, and 5 decades of experience to optimize the output.  the result is a software so powerful, adept and flexible, not only is it proficient on both consumer and corporate entities, it is also programmed to ‘crunch’ transactional and social datastreams with equal ease and surf through data regardless of whether it has structure or not.

TREE has become a pre-requisite and ‘must-have’ big data capability for any company that wishes to monetize their ever expanding data assets, especially as they pour it all into hadoop.  and it gets better. TREE aligns the entire data universe it runs on to correctly identified, matched and resolved ‘segments of 1’, the foundational enabler to monetizing “Big Data”. without it, the promise of big data analytics – building products and services personalized for each individual customer - shall remain just that, a promise.

orion orion

an immensely powerful and infinitely scalable network discovery engine, ORION not only finds dynamic patterns and connections between entities that are not intuitively discoverable but also does it bottoms up (from the most granular data) and  at tremendous scale.  tuned to work with all kinds of transactional and social data, ORION excels at finding ‘activity networks’ where (seemingly) none exist.

designed and architected with immense care, ORION is able to both, find ‘hard-to-discover relationships’ between unique entities, and do it with a high degree of confidence. this required going back to the drawing board and digging deep into the hadoop eco-system to find the best components that not only allowed us to develop ORION to work without the limits of scale…but also at ‘real-time’ speeds.  this leap in design enables ORION to work natively against data in HDFS…offering our customers an analytics engine with true scale and unbeatable performance.

ORION works best when it is fed with the data generated by TREE. coupled with our highly intuitive interface, that allows business users to explore the resultant activity networks, ORION provides a powerful and automated knowledge discovery capability like none other.

DATAindex DATAindex

with our (unique and) complete focus on financial and social data and all their customary (and not yet self-evident intersections), tresata is building a first of its kind big data asset, which we (lovingly) call DATAindex.

DATAindex, simply put, is a predetermined selection of data variables (‘feature set’ in machine learning terms) individually packaged by business problem and industry segment. why did we think of it?...quite simply we are unique in our ability to combine deep industry knowledge with technical prowess.  our rich history of working with incredibly large consumer, commercial and market data, proven capabilities to monetize social data, expertise in ushering next generation big data technologies to problems not called ‘ad optimization’ made us realize  - we need to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation in data analytics.  the DATAindex is a manifestation of that innovative streak and will rapidly create a market where most value will be delivered in big data.

we plan to continue to expand our ‘library’ of DATAindices that cover a breadth of data sources and are packaged for a host of industry business functions.  we are finding that a broad set of variables, pulled from sources as varied as payment transactions, facebook likes, twitter hashtags and GPS triangulations, have a lot more predictive power when combined than being analyzed in compartments.

we routinely bundle our DATAindex with our engines for an ‘out-of-the-box’ application implementation that enables our clients to monetize otherwise hard to crack big data business problems.

hadoop hadoop

tresata was the first analytics software company to completely architect every single piece of its software on hadoop.  hadoop, which has since become the de-facto operating system to manage really large data (we actually coined the term ‘Data Operating System’ to refer to it), offers scale, speed and cost advantages that are impossible to match with any other data or analytics system.

our technology team has worked very hard to squeeze every ounce of power from hadoop to create analytics software that runs natively in Hadoop, and enables the massively parallel data compute architecture to deliver answers that were seemingly impossible to get even a few years ago.

we owe our success to this open source project much like every other startup in this space, and where we can, we humbly contribute to making it’s many open source pieces enterprise-ready.  we believe that this community one day will be the biggest and most vibrant of them all and we will always strive to give more than we take.

what it means to you (as our clients) is that our software will never ‘lock you in’, will have the best performance of any comparable piece of software (if it exists) and will always offer massively disruptive economic value.

advocate <br /> needs advocate

every piece of software we write is built around a core ethos, understanding customer behavior...

every single piece.

we hope that our software will enable our enterprise clients to become ‘customer advocates’ – an enterprise that builds new generation of products and services that gives their customers what they want…when they want it.

if you are that kind of enterprise, we are your kind of software company.

industry <br /> knowledge industry

we have been accused of anointing Big Data as not a technology revolution, but a business revolution (one of our founders, Abhi, famously referred to it as the beginning of the Second Industrial Revolution).

that is why we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge – the most important yet least spoken about skill essential for a Data Scientist to succeed.  this is why we started tresata with a focus on financial services.  this is why we are very deliberate when we enter new industries…and this is why we believe we are able to do things other’s find hard to do – delivering business value from big data by automating the discovery of knowledge.

business <br/ > value business

we start our conversations with our clients with one simple question – what business problem will our software help you solve.  we find that question to be a great leveler in any big data conversation... those who are clear on what that is, we continue to work with…and those who are not…we believe it is in their long term interest to invest in our software only when they have one.

we do not believe in selling our software for the sake of selling software…we believe in selling it only when it is applied to monetizing a business opportunity… this is the way software will be bought and sold in the future…we just thought we would start with it right away….our clients tend to agree

data <br /> ownership data

we are deeply passionate about architecting the next generation intelligence systems to solve massive business problems….and are equally aware that in this new world order, data ownership is a touchy subject … so we decided to offer an elegant and simple solution.

we put a B2B spin on the now famous “the new deal on data”(kudos to our friend and guide Dr Sandy Pentland to have come up with it) … and created our simple, clear and concise data policy:

  • our client always owns the data they give us…no ifs, buts, ampersands
  • the client can decide what they are willing to give, how long they want it catalogued and when they want it deleted
  • the client chooses when to contribute/merge their data with data not owned by them
  • if client data adds value in other commercial areas, they can allow us to do so and partake in the value creation