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in data lies the power to enrich life®

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Tresata was started with the belief that in data lies the power to transform life as we know it…and across all aspects of it – health, food, commerce, entertainment, family, manufacturing, retail…the list goes on.

As legend has it, the first known reference to anyone identifying data as THE raw material (oil, iron ore…take your pick) to power the next Industrial Revolution was made by our very own co-founder and CEO, Abhishek Mehta, in a speech he gave in New York in 2010.

Since then, not only have we brought to commercial lexicon (and reality) concepts like Data Assets, Data Factories, Augmented Intelligence & Automating Intelligence (and so on), we have also successfully launched, built, and developed one of the most successful automation software companies in the World – Tresata.

We believe that in our software lies the blueprint for creating data-driven enterprises and business models of the future, and in our vision, the power to enrich life.

  • Abhishek Mehta

    Founder, Chairman & CEO

  • Alex Feliciano

    Director, Client Delivery

  • Andres Perez

    Lead, Software Engineering

  • Brittany Box

    Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

  • Charla Fields

    Senior Director, Human Resources

  • Chase Cabanillas

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Chris Cardwell

    Lead, Product GTM

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Managing Director, India

  • Koert Kuipers

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Nancy Pruett

    Lead, Technical Delivery

  • Patrick Sellers

    Director of Operations

  • Richard Morris

    Founder & CFO

  • Abhishek Mehta

    Founder, Chairman & CEO

  • Richard Morris

    Founder & CFO

  • Lowell Bryan

    Board Member

  • Bob Niehaus

    Founder & Chairman of GCP Capital Partners

  • Andre Cronje

    Senior Advisor

  • Richard L Prager

    Senior Advisor
    Tresata Money


solving for things more important than making people click on ads
  • Automating the management of data produced by medical devices globally to enable applications that fundamentally transform how health data can be used to enrich life

  • Automating the discovery and delivery of customer intelligence across all parts of the customer interaction lifecycle

  • Automating the incubation, creation, and growth of a global AI platform that allows data to be used to protect, grow, and enrich customers’ lives

  • Automating the propagation of rich cultural experiences by combining intelligent patron discovery with programming selections, hence activating communities to experience the best life has to offer

in our words

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