monetizing predictive intelligence

predictive apps built for purpose

Over the past decade, Tresata has developed a number of applications that enable the monetization (i.e., reduction of investment or return on investment) of an enterprise data asset, all of which are solving for key industry challenges today.


    Automate data cataloging and profiling to discover, understand, enrich and trust your data using the first free to use AI-powered data inventory and quality software


    Automate the delivery of enriched fraud intelligence to accurately inform AML investigations across all data sources, at scale, and in a manner that substantially increases investigator productivity and efficiency


    Automate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) through segment of one entity identification, the generation of a holistic understanding of how that entity interacts with your organization, and intelligently inform related access and erasure requests


    Intelligently identify cross sell opportunities utilizing Tresata’s AI-powered recommendation engine

use cases

Tresata’s customers have leveraged their Data Assets to implement a new class of Intelligence Management use cases, including:


  • Know Your Customer

    Automate KYC review and compliance processes using AI/ML

  • Customer Onboarding

    Optimize the client onboarding and due-diligence processes with predictive intelligence

  • GDPR

    Automate the compliance and workflow for GDPR right to request and right to erasure

  • Internet of Things

    Deliver actionable machine and customer intelligence from the high volume IoT data