Bad Actor Discovery as a Service (BADaaS) is a completely free service that applies the power of AI to publicly available data and exposes not just bad actors, but also the hidden tracks they create to misuse the global financial regulatory systems.


Only entities officially sanctioned by OFAC, the United Nations Security Council, the EU, or the UK are flagged as bad actors in the app. Tresata does not use algorithms to impute who may or may not be a bad actor.

What does Path to Bad Actor imply?

Any entities with possible connections 1,2,3, or nth degree away from a known bad actor will be shown as having a path to a bad actor. If you see this icon on the card, it indicates a possible path to a bad actor exists, which may warrant further investigation.


Tresata has architected the world’s most advanced, AI powered network theory system.

What does that mean to you?

To us normal humans, it’s almost like a superpower that deploys machine learning to unearth billions and trillions of connections that are present in mountains of data, but humanly impossible to unearth.

When applied to the problem of finding the hidden tracks that bad actors have been using for decades to exploit our financial and regulatory systems (i.e. BADaaS), think of this network theory AI engine as your secret, uber-powerful and never-tiring weapon to combat evil.

In its current design, the network theory engine behind BADaaS uncovers potential paths to bad actors. And because we wanted to cast as wide a net as possible, to unearth these hidden tracks, as applied in BADaaS it WILL show ANY link indicated by ANY data element from ANY data source.

In other words, we have given you the superpower, now it is up to you to decide how to use it.

Just remember - with great power comes great responsibility (i.e. we recommend performing detailed analysis and research before taking any action).

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