Frequently Asked Questions

  • Need help signing up?

    Creating a BADaaS account is free and easy. Just go to and click Sign Up in the top right corner or Get Started at the bottom of our landing page and follow the instructions.

    Be sure to read and agree to our terms and conditions before selecting the green Sign Up button.

    An activation email will automatically be sent to your inbox (be sure to check spam just in case) at the address

    Open the email and select the activation button.

    Once you have activated your email address, return back to BADaaS and login.

  • Who is a bad actor?

    Only entities officially sanctioned by OFAC or the United Nations Security Council are flagged as bad actors in the app. Tresata does not use algorithms to impute who may or may not be a bad actor.

  • What does a path to bad actor imply?

    Any entities with possible connections 1,2,3, or nth degree away from a known bad actor will be shown as a path to a bad actor. If you see the BADaaS logo on the card, it indicates a path to a bad actor exists.

  • What can I search for?

    Our Google-like search feature can search on Entity Name, Company Name, or Address. BADaaS will search across company registrars, offshore leaks, and known Sanctions lists.

    For more enhanced searches, you can combine entity names, company names, and address information

    Example: "Jeff Bezos" Amazon

  • How do I differentiate between a bad actor, non bad actor, entity connected to a bad actor?

    Red: Entity is a known Sanctioned entity

    Gray: Entity is not a known Sanctioned entity

    BADaaS Logo displayed: The entity has a path to a known Sanctioned entity

  • How do I find the bad actor path?

    1. Select the entity node
    2. Click the Bad Actor Path button in the top right corner if it is red
    3. Bad actors are indicated by the red nodes in the network

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