Press Release

Big Data apps + cloud steal the spotlight : Strata day 2

BrittanyFebruary 12 2014

The O’Reilly Strata Conference in Santa Clara is abuzz with the promise of making analytics power more accessible than ever before through new applications of Big Data. Tresata, the brainchild of former Bank of America data science chief and theCUBE regular Abhishek Mehta, is leading the way with a new software solution that runs on Apache Spark.

NET 1.0 is one of the first commercial apps to utilize the open source clustering system, which executes queries up to 100 faster than MapReduce using a sophisticated in-memory processing engine. Tresata says that its solution allows business users to harness the technology via a “compelling and easy to use” interface that visualizes patterns in large datasets. The offering advances Mehta’s plan to gain a head start in the emerging market for prepackaged Hadoop applications, a segment he predicts will take off in the next four years.


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