next gen device data intelligence solution


one of the world’s largest healthcare companies was launching its next gen human health management & measurement devices, globally. with thousands of medical devices being used by hundreds of institutions in nearly 200 countries, the amount of data predicted to be produced was colossal and not something that its existing on-prem, legacy platform could accommodate in terms of processing power. the company needed to identify a future-proof solution to minimize cost inefficiencies, empower care-based decisions on all of the data (at scale and in real time) and minimize disruptions to the business.

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regions and territories


medical devices (IOT)


customers served worldwide


tresata enabled a seamless transition to a cloud data platform and deployed its Data Usability System to first automate the ingestion and integration of data from thousands of devices and millions of customers, then produce a real-time, dynamic, queryable and reusable Data Asset across all sources and systems — for a fully self-serve, fully cloud, zero defect implementation. this created a single source of truth across all sensor data and was delivered at scale, including regulatory review, in less than 12 months.


2 Billion

records processed daily


increase in processing speed


increased data volumes

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