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the FAANGs know that data is the key the being digital - and how to harness that power in a way that is automated + anywhere + all-in.

tresata DBP welcomes everyone to the party by enabling this same capability - automating the creation of usable data at absolute scale and complexity.

digital businesses know the key to success lies in the understanding data - every last bit.

making data usable has been a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming process... until now

our approach offers a radical rethink around how to use and infuse your data into all aspects of your business - in a way that is simple, flexible, and fast.



on-demand access to insights enables us to understand our shoppers’ buying habits as well as present us with the opportunity to improve our level of service by giving our customers exactly what they want, when they want it.

this is a critical time in healthcare where automation is desperately needed to address questions at the macro level around cost and quality, while also allowing providers to rapidly improve individual care and patient outcomes.

– top 5 US healthcare system

– top 3 US retailer

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download our free eBook.