use all your data. right now.
we automate every step. you focus on your business.

our digital business platform gives you the power to understand, use, and monetize your data. every last bit.

using data can be…complicated

making data usable takes an acronym soup of platforms, technologies, apps, consultants, and integrators. plus, it’s a never-ending (and expensive) effort, because your data, platforms, and tools keep changing and evolving.

a waste of precious talent and time

cloud warehouses, lake houses, meshes, and fabrics don’t fix the problem — they just relocate it. instead of wasting 80% of your data scientists’ time to find, analyze, and make your data usable, we make it simple, flexible, and fast.

begging for a radical new approach

we take the typical tedious, lengthy process of getting data ready down to just 3 steps: ingest, enrich, distribute. it’s the best of both worlds – data made usable + critical resources freed up to focus on transforming your business.

want details on how it works?
(you geek, you.)

hey, don’t just take our word for it.

access to insights from this type of dynamic intelligence software enables us to understand our shoppers’ buying habits as well as present us with the opportunity to improve our level of service by giving our customers exactly what they want, when they want it.
top 3 US retailer

this is a critical time in healthcare where automation afforded by tresata software is desperately needed to address questions at the macro level around cost and quality, while also allowing providers to rapidly improve individual care and patient outcomes.
top 5 US healthcare system

trying to conform and aggregate our data manually would have been nearly impossible, taken many years and cost hundred of millions of dollars.

top 5 global bank

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