data will enrich life

for the world

For the World was inspired by Tim O’Reilly and his constant refrain that data can make the world a better place. Driven by our mission to have data power companies to become customer advocates and created by our desire to apply our resources, we set out to solve problems selected for reasons not necessarily commercial.

The more we thought about this and the more data we gathered to see what was preventing (most of) the smartest minds of our generation from doing anything but making people click ads, we realized there were two critical things we had to nail to make this effective – a focused cause and people who understand data.

So for the purpose of making education universal, accessible and relevant for all, we are committing our resources – software, hardware, data, and data engineers – to work on it.

Any organization trying to make a difference in the world and wanting to use data and analytics to increase their chance for making that dent can apply for a For the World partnership with Tresata. We will get back to you very quickly on how and when we can help. And to not disappoint any applicant, we hope to have other big data and analytics companies like ourselves to join this pledge.

  • Tell us about your cause, how you plan to make a dent in the world with your work, and how data can help (a little exaggeration is encouraged).

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