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Tresata’s Backend Developer (BD) is responsible for writing libraries and applications for distributed processing and machine learning and providing analysis to solve real world problems.

As a BD, you will have a role in a variety of projects involving large amounts of data, ranging from applying machine learning frameworks to improving anti-money laundering applications. You will also work on optimizing a recommendation engine for a major retailer, implementing new semi-supervised algorithms to operate on petabytes of financial transactions, and assisting with other next gen projects. We are looking for talent who can independently take a project through the various stages of software development from R&D and design to coding and testing. If you are interested in helping solve audacious problems using cutting edge technologies and software, this role is for you.

Expertise using specific languages and frameworks is not required when you join. However, we are looking for someone who can write clean and efficient code and rapidly pick up new languages and APIs. You will be a part of a development team that embraces working with open-source technologies, so it’s important to be comfortable reading and deciphering code written by others, especially as the open-source landscape evolves over time. You will need to write robust, modular, and most importantly, scalable code that addresses our clients’ needs across the financial, retail, and healthcare industries.


  1. Strong background in Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Science, or related fields.
  2. Proficiency in object-oriented and functional programming languages such as Scala, Java, Python, and Ruby.
  3. Experience working with Big Data technologies, including Hadoop, Spark, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Akka, and others.
  4. A working understanding of the software development lifecycle.
  5. Experience with build and software tools such as SBT, Git, and Jira.
  6. A willingness to work across teams to improve your understanding of our clients’ problems, and how our products can adapt to meet their needs.
  7. At least 1 year of experience with the languages, technologies, and tools above is preferred.


  1. Working From: Charlotte, NC
  2. Travel: Some, <5%
  3. Manager of Others: No
  4. Physical Requirements: Prolonged sitting/standing and computer use

We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion (or creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status.


We’re a fast-growing intelligence software company and one of the few in the world using machine learning and data to solve some of the most audacious of human challenges. We are a hungry, hard-working team of brilliant minds, innovators, and life-long learners.

We provide an entrepreneurial atmosphere that celebrates boldness of thought and tenacity of spirit, that rewards true skill, and is focused on building exceptional products for our customers.

We actively invest in our people, their ideas, and their potential. We fundamentally believe that our differences strengthen us and our mission – to Enrich Life – unifies us as a team.

Tresata is the kind of company that makes you look twice. If you give back more than you give in…if you live to crack the hardest codes…if you believe in data lies the power to enrich life…then Tresata is for you.

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