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  • Full Time
  • US, UK, India


A Data Engineer (“DE”) is responsible for using and implementing all of Tresata’s next-gen software from the development phase all the way through to testing and deployment.

As a Tresata DE, you will use the Tresata software suite to take client data from zero to hero. Starting with data ingestion, you’ll automate everything from data cleansing to application deployment, build client-specific processes, and extract relevant bits for use in analytics and business use cases. You’ll work with clients and their teams on cutting-edge projects that will reinvigorate and disrupt industries.

This role requires you to be an expert on the Tresata software suite, team player, and travel periodically. In addition, you will be on the lookout for the latest trends and needs in product features and functionalities, particularly on your client project.

The most critical skill for success is the ability to solve complex, sometimes unprecedented, problems. We create world-leading software products with a positive attitude and the highest level of commitment. We commit to do whatever it takes to never miss a client expectation. We refer to this philosophy as ALWAYS EXCEEDING CLIENT EXPECTATIONS… ALWAYS.

As a DE, you will learn and do the following specific tasks (even if they make no sense to you right now):

  • Implement Tresata software to build custom ELT pipelines to clean, transform, enrich, and curate raw data via command line/terminal.
  • Master Tresata software, understand the components and what makes us unique in the market, and implement the software to solve exciting and challenging business use cases for our clients.
  • Develop and launch massively parallel and scalable programs inside distributed file systems, such as Hadoop (HDFS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, etc.
  • Design and automate entire workflows from end-to-end to produce enriched and usable Data Assets in batches and real-time.
  • Utilize and adhere to industry standard software development practices and leverage versioning tools like Github.
  • Serve as a point of contact for the client regarding technical and implementation related questions.


  • Bachelor’s degree in anything or incredible programming/life skills (which makes a bachelor’s degree irrelevant).
  • Curiosity in the emerging fields of distributed computing, machine learning, data processing, and analytical applications.
  • Strong problem-solving skills in everything.
  • Stronger work ethic, hunger to learn, ability to hustle, and a never-say-no attitude.
  • Demonstrated coursework in the areas involving the collection, computation, statistical analysis, or conversion of raw data into intelligible information.
  • Bonus for proficiency in one or more programming languages, such as Scala, Java, Python, or Apache Spark.


Tresata offers world class benefits to all employees, is an incredibly diverse company (on all metrics) and has a bold vision – in data lies the power to enrich life.

Tresata is rapidly expanding across continents, with offices in North America, Europe & Asia. Allowing our best employees to indulge in their sense of wanderlust while working to address the worlds’ most complex opportunities.

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