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An Instructional Designer (“ID”) is responsible for helping build Tresata’s online learning system, tresataACADEMY, into a platform for collecting and sharing knowledge both inside and beyond the company.

As a Tresata ID, you will help turn your Tresata colleagues’ knowledge and experiences into courses and learning paths. You will work with subject matter experts to develop and revise content, and you will lead and manage engineering teams to add that content to tresataACADEMY. An additional responsibility includes overseeing the evaluation of tresataACADEMY to measure learning and the effectiveness of content, using the subsequent insights for continuous improvement.

This role requires you to understand how to create effective on-line learning experiences, and to lead and blend on-line and in-person education. You will need the technical aptitude to complete Tresata’s data engineer learning path, and to help build and manage an automated process for updating course content through Github.

The most critical function of this position is to drive the development of tresataACADEMY into a platform that helps people develop throughout their career.

As an ID, you will learn and do the following specific tasks:

  • Lead multiple content and engineering teams to create new courses and review and update existing content.
  • Manage a workflow incorporating new content and revisions automatically into a cloud-based LMS.
  • Collect feedback from Tresata’s leadership and employees about how to improve existing learning content and which courses and learning paths to create.
  • Ensure that employees of Tresata’s clients learn the necessary knowledge and skills, and that the clients receive high ROI for their investment in tresataACADEMY.
  • Collect, summarize, and present quantitative and qualitative data on the effectiveness of tresataACADEMY.
  • Help choose, curate and roll out learning content for Tresata’s community partners.


  • 2-4 years of managing on-line learning and curricular development projects.
  • In-person teaching.
  • Adapting content to fit different learning styles.
  • Explaining technical topics to non-technical audiences, with both written and oral communication.
  • Using data and automation to make learning more effective and efficient.
  • Developing and applying creative innovations in on-line learning.
  • Bonus points for Agile, Jira, and Github.


Tresata is a fast growing intelligence software company and one of the few in the world using machine learning to solve some of the most audacious of human challenges.

Tresata offers world class benefits, is an incredibly diverse company and is driven by a very simple people philosophy – provide every resource necessary for anyone & everyone to be successful.

Tresata is looking for exceptional talent across all locations in North America, Europe & Asia.

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