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all companies deserve to be digital

step 1: make data usable

every digital business needs first, to be able to use data to understand everything that stands in the way of progress. it’s true, there are companies out there that claim to make that happen, but not in a way that accounts for the scale and complexity required. in reality, they’re all doing things the same old ways, with the same old limitations.

it’s time to change all that.

we believe the future belongs to the segments of one. and our customers know that getting to know their customers, processes and products takes knowing all the things there are to know about them. DBP finds, links, and enhances all that information into something that isn’t just institutional knowledge; it’s understanding.

tresata DBP is solving the messiest data challenges on our PBD.


personalizing healthcare, medical devices, and insurance



wrangling big data to serve customers and fight fraud


everything in between

from retail and manufacturing to travel and transportation to credit bureaus, energy, and more



know your patient
link patient personal information in EHRs, clinical claims, and CRMs to identify individual patients at a unique segment of one, understand their patient journey with high levels of accuracy – thereby improving quality of care, reducing overhead, streamlining operations, and improving outcomes

know your providers
consolidate systems and records to construct a full ecosystem view, as well as identify unique providers within communities and individual health systems to better understand market pressures, physician workforce needs, and network leakage. this data can also be used to improve the delivery of quality data across physician networks and improve care coordination.

diagnostic accuracy improvement
automatically analyze diagnostic and machine instrument data in real-time to reduce diagnostic errors and decrease mortality rates

proactive device monitoring & predictive maintenance
proactively monitor all devices to detect critical events and failures

data governance control
index the data you have across diverse, disconnected systems, control data accessibility, movement, usability, and protection, streamline compliance programs

customer story
fortune 100 healthcare company analyzes diagnostic IoT data at absolute scale


supply chain analysis
automate a holistic view of vendor/ supplier network, identify optimal suppliers, bottlenecks and risks and opportunities

uncover intelligence related to supply chain to certify compliance down to the lowest common denominator (aka your supplier’s suppliers), develop prioritization to improve posture and incentivize suppliers to improve

trade flow analysis
analyze global trade and treasury services data for new client opportunities

discover, investigate, and eliminate fraudulent money laundering transactions in real-time

perpetual KYC
automated validation of customer information across products and services

pricing optimization
generate real-time product pricing decisions based on customer behaviors

Basel 239
automated reporting and analytics with audit and Basel 239 compliance

customer onboarding
optimize the client onboarding and due-diligence processes with predictive intelligence

GDPR, CCPA, Data Privacy
identify all customer data across sources and where it sits, automate the compliance and workflow for GDPR right to request and right to be forgotten

customer story
fortune 500 bank ensures compliance and identifies customers in “segments of one”

all the things

share of wallet
use advanced machine learning techniques to analyze missing wallet share and recommend strategies to increase it

omni-channel marketing
virtuous and cyclical use of all digital channels to deliver highly personalized, channel-specific marketing campaigns

customer intelligence
create and feed a unique ‘segment of one’ customer view across all sales, source, and service channels

supply chain optimization
last-mile delivery personalization to get goods and services in the hands of the consumer

customer story
fortune 100 airline enables customer 360 to completely redefine loyalty

it takes 3 simple steps to using your data as a strategic asset.

automated + anywhere + all in