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The healthcare industry is largely considered to be the biggest beneficiary of big data and analytics - and arguably the most important for all of us as human beings.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With an estimated compound annual growth of 36% through 2025, healthcare data (much of which is unstructured) presents a massive opportunity to not only improve existing care delivery but also to enable true personalization of care and prognostic analytics.

Historically, a central barrier to effectively utilizing data in healthcare has been tied to an ability to link data from different sources. Even connecting information across Electronic Medical Records (EMRS) has been notoriously difficult...let alone fully understanding the relationships across data sets - between clinical data, behavioral data, and claims data.

By leveraging machine learning and AI techniques and technologies, this sector can fundamentally transform the way patients, physicians, and healthcare organizations approach care delivery - accounting for all possible factors that impact an individual’s health. Tresata is uniquely positioned to respond to this incredibly complex and multi-faceted challenge - with our blend of deep domain expertise, technology prowess, and data science mastery.

Tresata’s software has already processed more than 1 trillion rows of data across 1 billion consumers, 100 million small businesses, and 1 million corporations. We have successfully automated complex business processes (from entity resolution to risk analysis), introduced the revolutionary ‘segment of one’ customer analytics capability, and trained machines to understand patient behaviors.

  • 1 BN+

    Records analyzed daily

  • 24x7

    Processing frequency

  • 3x ROI

    Average return on
    client investment

This is a critical time in healthcare where tools like HAPPi are desperately needed to address questions at the macro level around cost and quality while also bringing data and predictive analytics to the point of care to allow providers to improve individual care and patient outcomes rapidly.

chief analtyics officer · Top 5 healthcare system

use cases

Tresata’s customers have leveraged their Data Assets to implement a new class of Patient Intelligence Management use cases, including:

  • know your patient

    Link patient clinical claims, and consumer data to uniquely identify individual patients and their patient journey with high levels of accuracy - thereby improving quality of care, reducing overhead, streamlining operations, and improving outcomes

  • know your providers

    Identify unique providers within communities and individual health systems to better understand market pressures, physician workforce needs, and network leakage. This data can also be used to improve the delivery of quality data across physician networks and improve care coordination

  • householding

    Link patients through their social network to better understand contextual factors that impact health outcomes with a focus on householding. Understanding the social network can improve the efficiency of care delivery (for example care management) and assist with understanding risks

  • diagnostic accuracy improvement

    Analyze diagnostic data in real-time and automatically to decrease diagnostic errors and reduce mortality rates

  • real-time alerting (iot)

    Link wearable tech data to monitor vital statistics of a patient virtually and inform immediate appropriate actions by physicians


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