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powering the evolution of finance

More than any other industry, Financial Services stands to benefit the most from Big Data and all relevant technological advances. This is not a surprise, as banks, asset managers, investment firms, and fintech companies have always been the benchmark for new approaches that transform business, making early, fast, and big investments.

Tresata delivers the promise of Big Data to Money Industries around the world with a successful three-pronged approach to the problem that leverages our deep domain knowledge, incredible technology leadership, and breakthrough data science.

Tresata’s software has already processed more than 1 trillion rows of data across 1 billion consumers, 100 million small businesses, and 1 million corporations. We have successfully automated complex business processes (from entity resolution to risk analysis), introduced the revolutionary ‘segment of one’ customer analytics capability, and trained machines to understand customer behaviors.

  • 10 TN

    Rows processed

  • 1-5 PB

    Average data volume

  • 3x ROI

    12-month return

Tresata’s software leverages advanced machine learning algorithms that automate complex business processes essential to running large financial institutions.

Global Head of Analytics & Data Operations · Top 5 Global Bank

use cases

Tresata’s Intelligence Software powers a host of financial services use cases:


    Recommend cross-merchant customer marketing opportunities


    Analyze global trade and treasury services data for client opportunity

  • AML

    Investigate and eliminate fraudulent money laundering transactions in real-time


    Automated delivery of customer information across products and services


    Generate real-time product pricing decisions based on customer behaviors


    Automate reporting and analytics with audit and Basel 239 compliance

  • Customer Onboarding

    Optimize the client onboarding and due-diligence processes with predictive intelligence

  • GDPR

    Automate the compliance and workflow for GDPR right to request and right to erasure



    The world’s first software to deploy an advanced record linkage system that allows large enterprises to gain a better understanding of customers, counterparties, legal entities and products/sensors.


    Automated collection, curation and computations that allows for the integration of massive sets of internal and external data. Tresata offers a host of innovations that automate Data Quality, Data Fidelity, Data Tracing, Data Enrichment & Data Organization & use.


    The world’s only network discovery and traversal engine allowing for the identification, visualization and decisioning of network effects - observed, hidden, emergent & infectious.


    An ‘information superhighway’ designed to share common intelligence of systemic importance, while protecting data ownership & privacy rights. Available for participation by request only.

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