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Now more than ever, retail, manufacturing, TMT, travel, and entertainment industries are seeking new ways to better understand who their customers are and what they want. They are faced with the daunting challenge of not just deciphering the value in IoT (Internet of Things), but also finding better, faster, and cheaper ways of harnessing the data it creates (which is to say - big, big, really big data).

Tresata has engineered the first analytics operating system that not only enables these industries to manage this data but also deploy applications that can deliver relevant, personalized, and valuable products and services to customers.

  • 1 MM

    Machines data captured

  • 300

    Customer records
    per second

  • 30%

    Increase in share of wallet

Access to insights from this type of dynamic intelligence software will enable us to understand our shopper’s buying habits as well as present us with the opportunity to improve our level of service by giving our customers exactly what they want, when they want it.

jim clendenen, vp of enterprise retail systems · harris teeter

use cases

Tresata’s Intelligence Software makes both humans and machines not just live in harmony but sing in harmony


    Use advanced machine learning techniques to analyze missing wallet share and recommend strategies to increase it


    Virtuous and cyclical use of all digital channels to collect consumer behavioral data and deliver highly personalized, channel-specific marketing campaigns


    Create and feed a unique 'segment of one' customer intelligence information across all sales and service channels


    Last-mile supply chain optimization for the delivery ‘leg’ that gets goods and services in the hands of the final consumer

  • Also Bought Together

    Contextual product relationships inherent in each and every basket to predict what should be ‘bought’

  • People Like You

    Actionable behavioral sciences (rationality and irrationality) to predict product and service needs of households

  • Next Best Offer

    Personalised price and sales recommendations improved constantly with feedback loops & reinforced by hyper-scale

  • Next Best Service

    Intelligent Response Management System to ‘anticipate’ service needs, for machines and humans, and offer optimal solutions

  • Proactive Machine Recovery

    Predict the failures and automate the recovery for millions of IoT machines



    The world’s first software to deploy an advanced record linkage system that allows large enterprises to gain a better understanding of customers, counterparties, legal entities and products/sensors.


    Automated collection, curation and computations that allows for the integration of massive sets of internal and external data. Tresata offers a host of innovations that automate Data Quality, Data Fidelity, Data Tracing, Data Enrichment & Data Organization & use.


    The world’s only network discovery and traversal engine allowing for the identification, visualization and decisioning of network effects - observed, hidden, emergent & infectious.


    An ‘information superhighway’ designed to share common intelligence of systemic importance, while protecting data ownership & privacy rights. Available for participation by request only.

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