VISION: Dojo Friday. We’re Hiring!

Brittany BoxSeptember 9 2013

What is Dojo Friday? Glad you asked. It’s where we open our office doors this Friday, 9/13/13 (yes that’s Friday the 13th, but don’t be scared), and welcome any and all Dojo developer superstars into our new location at Packard Place for a walk-in interview to join our Charlotte team. Not only is this a great opportunity, but you’ll also get a “Champs Welcome” which includes a free massage, craft beer, and a cold towel.

This is how it’ll go down:

We’ll accept walk-ins any time between 8am and 6pm on Friday (address below).

Feel free to email us your name and preferred time to or tweet us @tresata, but if not, simply stop on by. We’re laid-back like that. See you on Friday!

LOCATION – Tresata  |  222 S. Church Street, Suite 430  |  Charlotte, NC 28202

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