BrittanyMay 5 2014

Charlotte’s biggest  coding event is officially here to stay.

In its second year, Hackathon CLT saw bigger attendance, better prizes, badder swag and some of the best work an over-caffeinated, sleep-deprived crowd could create. In the end the Hackathon was an opportunity for participants to network, learn, socialize, and push their coding skills to the limit. But in the bigger picture, this is just the beginning. Hackathon CLT is just one piece in Charlotte’s bigger puzzle that’s helping put the city on the map as a tech capital. Here’s a look at what went down this year…

The 24-hour event kicked off Friday, April 25 at Packard Place with an opening party featuring pizza, beer and DJ Smitty Smith.


Hackathon sponsors–Data Chambers, Ettain Group, Harris Teeter, P&G and Tresata–turned an empty office space into a geeked out paradise with branded hackers’ lounges complete with video games, massage chair, indoor driving range, ping pong, cornhole and more…

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Festivities for spectators carried on into the wee hours of the morning, but hackers got down to business working throughout the night and into Saturday afternoon.

P&G kept the crowd fresh and clean overnight with plenty of deodorant, toothpaste, Febreeze and mouthwash. (Necessary.)

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All the overnight work culminated in a final pitch competition Saturday afternoon. On the line: $5,000 in cash prizes and a pair of Google Glass.

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Missed the Hackathon this year?

Don’t worry. We’ll be back (even) bigger and better next year. Looking to get your geek fix in the meantime? Check out the Charlotte Hadoop Users Group (CHUG) for monthly meetups…

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